Micro-Energy Banks for Photovoltaic Systems “SunSmart Energy Storage Systems”

Analyzing the energy curves produced by photovoltaic panels as well as the solutions for accepting and smoothing these fluctuations and rapid changes that are currently occurring in photovoltaic panels, we saw that there is room to increase the efficiency of solar systems by eliminating these negative phenomena. There are various ways in the world to solve this problem by using so-called local DC-DC converters, lithium-ion power banks and other types of sophisticated solutions. All those different solutions to the same problem have one thing in common: high cost.

Product “Micro-Energy Banks for Photovoltaic Systems - SunSmart Energy Storage Systems is a new innovative solution to improve the efficiency of solar systems by accumulating and storing energy from the solar panel, which reduces fluctuations and rapid changes in DC voltage. Once the DC voltage is stabilized, it is transmitted to the solar inverter, which contributes to increasing the efficiency of the solar inverter, increasing its efficiency, and now it is not variable in relation to the fluctuations of the DC voltage from the solar panels. With our innovative solution we solved this unpredictability of the work of the inverter and thus contribute to increasing the efficiency of the solar system by minimizing the cost.


The product is installed behind the photo-voltaic panel with standardized plug and play connectors. It is with low cost and cost-effective, factors necessary for mass use and installation in end-users solar systems. It is a unique innovative product in terms of increasing the efficiency of solar panels in generating electricity from the sun reported under no. MK / R2018 / 000977 (from 22.11.2018) in the State Office for Industrial Property of the Republic of Macedonia.